What are the first things you see when you walk up to a property as the windows. It’s almost the first thing that will give you an overall impression and the first thought of the property is when you look at those windows and you’ll decide; do you love the property or not. That’s why it’s so important to pick the right windows for any given property. If you got a modern property then perhaps you going to go of aluminium powder coated windows where is if you’ve got a traditional period property and like most of the windows in London you to go for a traditional sliding sash window or casement made from hardwood.

If you’ve got a property that doesn’t really benefit from the aesthetics of quality windows then it’s almost certain that you’re going to go with a UPVC or plastic windows because of the sheer cost. It’s actually about 4 times cheaper to have a plastic windows that hardwood sash window or casement windows. So in this instance it makes far more sense to go with what makes most economic benefit. It’s a shame that UPVC windows are so inefficient in terms of their environmental friendly factors but apart from that, they are extremely good value for money and modern world where we’re always counting the costs and anything that we spend generally ends up on the mortgage it makes sense to keep the costs where they can be minimised.

Best windows to improve the value of a period property

There are two types of windows to really improve the value of a period property and they are sash windows and casement windows. These are normally constructed of hardwood or softwood but originally they would have been constructed something called BC Pine. This is a grain density that we are not used to today. This is good to actually because the timber grew slowly and that means that there was actually far higher grain density.

UPVC Sash Windows
UPVC Sash Windows

These days there are modern UPVC sash windows that look pretty similar to a traditional timber windows but they’re not quite as good. You can see from a few metres away the difference in styles and they’re far more chunky looking. They also don’t have the same elegant beautiful profiles and if there is anything in terms of measurement or any issue with the window then it’s a simple case of throwing it away rather than trying to repair it. This is the other problem of uPVC in general.

Aluminium powder coat windows for more modern properties.

Aluminium windows are really good for modern properties in special if you’re looking for a really super sleek ultra modern feel. Because they really do look the part and the grey that you can get them in really seta some properties apart. Grey aluminium powder coat windows looks super ultra modern and almost gives the impression of a spaceship.

Aluminium window
Aluminium window

The other great thing about aluminium windows is that they last for ages and they are extremely durable. There’s no doubt once you replace them it is almost impossible you have to do it again in your lifetime. This is great for the environment because the longer lasting Windows mean that less production CO2 is required. If you can think a low quality window will last you 50 years and will give you a certain amount of CO2 output. If you consider a high quality window last 200 years but it gives you only half the CO2 overall then of course that’s far more efficient for the environment overall.

UPVC windows can seriously affect the value of your property.

You must make sure that you completely avoid PVC when you own a property that really would be of value for historic purposes. Installing PVC windows really can detract from the overall look of a property like this as well as get you into trouble with the council. If you’ve got some kind of listing or you’re in a conservation area then it’s a requirement that you have a like-for-like sash window or casement installed into your property. This also involves not just the actual look at the window but the material used as well. You can’t switch from plastic to wood or from wood to timber to aluminium, this just simply won’t work legally.

Sometimes a UPVC window can make a property go up in value to. Imagine that you’ve got a building that was made in the 70s or 80s and they had the original horrible looking off-the-shelf type windows in place. Having an upgraded double glazed UPVC windows is not always a bad thing and in this situation you can actually increase the value of your property through careful installation of a sympathetic UPVC looking window. When you buy UPVC windows it’s not always best to go with the cheapest frame. The cheapest frames really don’t last all that long and some of the higher quality ones can really get you some lifespan. The benefit of longer life span is the fact they won’t need anyone round to repair or replace the hinges and that can actually end up costing nearly as much as a window itself.

Overall is really important to make sure that when you pick a window for your property that you do so based on what’s going to make you happy as well as what’s going to increase the value of the property itself and give other people are generally positive feel about your home. Don’t get caught into the idea that cheap is good, in windows cheap is never good. Make sure that you’re spending the correct amount of money and using people there a reputable and they’ve got plenty of positive feedback all over the internet. This is how you maximise the value of your property through windows.

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