This modern time we live in prices are fluctuating almost daily on property, especially London. It’s really important to minimise your costs when refurbishing a property because you never know where you going to be in six months time. You really don’t want to find yourself in negative equity for example. So in this article you can go through some of the best homemade refurbishment techniques to save money and then hopefully you’ll be able to apply those in your own property.

The idea behind the article is that once you save the money on home refurbishment you will be able to reduce the amount of money that you would need to borrow against your mortgage, or when you come to sell or flip a property that you’ve maximise your returns. Either way we want and see you do well in your property in this article covers home refurbishment and saving money perfectly.

Picking a new kitchen that won’t break the budget but still looks classy.

The first thing to do is consider the type of property you own and what kind of kitchen would fit. Also you have to think about the kind of person you are and what you like in terms of style as well because that will flow through the rest of the property. You need to make sure that if you’re a modern kind of person that you make sure that the kitchen is modern and sleek. It must match the rest of the decor otherwise you’ll find yourself in a situation where things don’t look as good as they could. This is not particularly ideal if you plan to live in the place long-term and certainly not useful if you’re planning to sell. A lot of the sale value of the property rests with the quality and selection of a kitchen. So when you are selecting this kitchen make sure that you’re totally focused on the idea of what would fit into your decor plans.

Typically speaking the best value for money are going to be using standard carcasses and off the shelf kitchen doors and draws. Personally I would go to Howdens Joinery because they provide high quality carcasses that are already pre-built and they’re particularly good value for money. It means that you can normally install a kitchen in less than a week and that’s incredibly quick for a DIY’er. One other thing to take into consideration is the appliances that you use. Whilst stainless steel appliances are extremely expensive, they really do add that shine and wow factor to a kitchen that makes it stand out from your average white appliances. Personally, if I was looking to flip a property I would look for potential opportunities that make a home stand out. This is one of those opportunities that won’t actually break the bank despite being so classy looking whilst refurbishing.

What a bathroom can do for your property refurbishment.

One of most important rooms in your property is the bathroom. When you’re thinking about selling a property then your renovation project will all will hinge on two things, firstly the kitchen and secondly the bathroom. The other rooms and mainly decor and more about features. But in the bathroom it’s the room where you really want make things stand out. Most people are now looking to incorporate beautiful quality tiles and even marble if the budget allows.

One of the most beautiful things the bathroom will have is a floor standing bath tub. One that has cast iron legs and ceramic. They look stunning and they just sit there in the middle of the bathroom and it’s a perfect feature that looks amazing and only costs about £1,000 for a lower end one. Although when I say lower end, they really do look really stunning and give the impression of a serious investment in the bathroom. Obviously there’s a big problem with these in terms of their space requirement. You can’t really get away with having one of these unless you’ve really got one of those nice big open space bathrooms. If you don’t have a really big bathroom than it actually might make sense to install a shower hence saving the space and giving a room of giving an impression of more room available is actually far more useful than overcrowding things.

Value for money bathroom

If I was going to look at value for money, I would definitely go with the standard white bathroom because when you consider the costs they can be astronomical and the standard white bathroom normally these days looks pretty sleek and clean. When you consider that you can get a standard miser riser kit for a shower for around about £200 these days then it doesn’t really make a lot of sense to go over the top especially when that shower mixer are already looks good.

Overall when you considering saving money on a home refurbishment you’ve got to make sure that you really take care of the kitchen and bathroom. The other rooms in the house can fall into place and no problem at all, but when you’re planning, make sure that you take advantage of Howdens or any bathroom centres software that will build a beautiful looking room plan for you for free, as part of the purchase price. Good luck with your home refurbishment and saving money project.

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